Recycling Caps and Removing Barriers

About The Project

In return for plastic caps and crown corks, we get ramps, platforms for better view and full range of conveniences for wheelchair users. Thanks to these, even the wheelchair users can enjoy the most prominent Czech music festivals just as the other visitors do.

Together with our partners, we got over 1500 collectors involved last year. That is down to them we were able to create a barrier-free environment at open-air festivals.

What We Have Accomplished


wheelchair users fully enjoyed the music festivals


kilograms of plastic caps and 310 kilograms of crown corks were collected


individuals and associations got involved in collecting

What Music Without Barriers Looks Like

Take a look at the party they were having at Rock for People in Hradec Králové and in Český Brod, at Votvírák, Mezi Ploty or Nouvelle Prague and you'll see the point in collecting yourself, too.

Get Involved

If you are going to any of these Czech festivals, then you'll have a chance to join our project. You will find the place to hand in the caps inside the festival site.

Mezi ploty
Rock for People
Hradec Králové
Vysmáté léto Kadaň
Rock for Churchill