We want wheelchair users to enjoy events and festivals without barriers

About The Project

The Staropramen Project ‚Festivals without barriers‘ was created for one simple reason: to break down the barriers between us and to allow everyone to enjoy cultural and social activities together.

This is the reason why, in 2014, we started building barrier-free facilities at Czech music festivals and social events at the Staropramen Brewery; so that disabled people could enjoy it just as much as everyone else.

However, we couldn‘t do it ourselves! This is why we have teamed up with several organizations representing wheelchair users, partners who can recycle and produce the necessary equipment, and last but not least, with hundreds of people and institutions who have helped us to collect and recycle the required materials.

What we have done already?


wheelchair users have enjoyed more than 40 festivals and events


kilograms of plastic lids and 700 kilograms of metal lids were collected


individuals and associations have joined in collecting

What does the project look like in practice?

Where have we been? Which festivals and events, both in the brewery and outside, have been opened up? Take a look at the gallery.

Join us!

If you go to a festival or event, join the project. Bring your lids or come and see what the project looks like in practice.

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